Developing iPhone apps with Visual Studio

Origonally I thought XCode was pretty good, indeed it does do somethings better than Visual Studio. However, the support for c++ is lacking, especially if you use templates. XCode can’t display template variables in the debugger window, nor does “Intelisense” work. One of my  projects has a tonne of template based classes, so that’s what pushed me to see if I could do the work on Windows instead.

The PowerVR SDK comes with a Windows OpenGL ES emulator. It didn’t take me long to get my code working with that, because all my code is portable: c++, stl and OpenGL. Straightaway my productivity doubled. So, now I do the implementation and debugging on Visual Studio and periodically switch to Mac to make device builds.


9 Responses to Developing iPhone apps with Visual Studio

  1. well i love these iphon applications. They are so good indeed.

  2. tomw says:

    Which PowerVR SDK do you use? I’m assume the PowerVR 1.X SDK? What do you use to load your PNGs? Libpng?


  3. Jahedur says:

    I need to develop an application for the iPhones running on MAC OS.

    Can I develop it in Visual studio using c#/ And also I need an emulator as well.

    Or is there any other ways to build the application??? But I would prefer visual studio as I am familiar with it.

    waiting for your kind response…

    • lefty3 says:

      iPhone does not support c#, or .net.
      You can do part of the development on visual studio if you are using c++ & opengl (as I have mentioned in the artical), but for the final device build and for objective c you have to use xcode.

  4. Ruba says:

    do you know, that your blog on the first place in google rate for searching request “IPhone + Visual Studio”?
    Some questions still unclear for me. What kind of problems were, when you was trying to port your engine on iPhone? It will be very useful, if you post some info about this subject in your blog.
    P.S.: sorry for my bad english. I must remember some grammar rules.

  5. lefty3 says:

    I did not have any particular problems. I used the most basic example from the PowerVR SDK as the starting point for the windows version and I used the default xcode OpenGL example for the iPhone version. The only Objective C code I had to use is for handling touch events, playing mp3s and the game loop. All the other code is portable c++. Everything works the same on the Windows version as the iPhone version, except the iphone is a bit slower.

  6. Anis says:

    I’m looking for an SDK that lets me develop iphone applications using Visual Studio on a Windows base environment, any suggestion will help.

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